On-Demand Digital Manufacturing


Our on-demand digital manufacturing solutions aim to transform your supply chain, increase design freedom, reduce costs, lead times, and empower sustainability. Our team of experienced manufacturing professionals and engineers is dedicated to understanding your needs and specific application requirements and guiding you through your change to digital warehousing and on-demand manufacturing.

digital manufacturing

Why Choose On-Demand Digital Manufacturing?

  • Increased Design Freedom. Our digital manufacturing solutions provide you with the freedom to explore innovative design ideas without the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Cost Reduction & Shortened Lead Times. By utilizing our automation and On-Demand 3D Printing services, you can significantly reduce costs and shorten lead times, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Eliminate Physical Inventory. Say goodbye to the need for physical storage space and the risks of part obsolescence and waste. Store your spare parts in a secure digital library, eliminating the need for large physical inventories.
  • Agile & Just-in-Time Production. Gain instant access to your design files, facilitating more agile, just-in-time production. With our On-Demand Manufacturing capabilities, you can meet customer demands efficiently and effectively.
  • Sustainability at the Core. At Paradigm 3D, we are committed to helping you reinforce your company’s sustainability efforts. By minimizing your carbon emissions across the supply chain, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.
  • Localization Goals. Whether you are a government entity with targets for localization, or you are just looking to reduce your dependence on imported spare parts, we can help you design effective workflows.


  • 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering:

Digitize your parts with our state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment. We provide you with digital 3D files, or we can design your parts with our professional CAD software. Our analysis with AI ensures that your final manufactured parts meet your intended tolerances.

  • DfAM & Topology Optimization:

Our consultancy services help you optimize your part performance and technical characteristics, reaching potential never imagined. We leverage the power of additive manufacturing to unleash new possibilities. space, so that your components become more lightweight yet stronger. DfAM can help you build geometries ideal for additive manufacturing.

  • Digital Spare Parts Library:

We offer a digital file management system that offers centralized virtual storage for your 3D designs and makes them available on demand for printing and operations optimization. With our library, you can easily access a wide range of commonly used, industry-wide applications. Say goodbye to physical boxes of parts taking up valuable warehouse space. Instead, store your parts securely in the cloud or on a local disk, accessing them whenever needed.