Additive Manufacturing in Energy, Process and Utilities (EPU)


Your digital manufacturing transformation partner.

Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise allow us to create high-quality, custom-designed parts and prototypes that meet the specific demands of the oil and gas sector. Our Services ensure that our clients can operate safely and efficiently while reducing costs and material waste.

Rapid and Accurate Prototyping. 

Speed up a part’s time to market and move fast from its digital design to evaluation, testing, and fixing errors before production.

Production Parts.

Extend the lifespan of older equipment by 3D Printing obsolete parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer. Our customized solutions enable you to optimize the production of end-use parts, meeting your specific requirements while reducing costs and material waste. Produce parts with high strength-to-weight ratios, providing enhanced durability and efficiency in your oil and gas operations.

Large Parts.

We have the capacity to 3D print large parts that are essential in the oil and gas industry. Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise enable the production of large-scale components with complex geometries, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

Labyrinth Cages.

We specialize in the production of labyrinth cages, crucial components used in various applications within the oil and gas industry. Our 3D Printing capabilities ensure precise design and production, resulting in high-quality labyrinth cages that deliver superior performance and durability.