Additive Manufacturing in Space & Defense


Your localized supply chain optimization partner.

Additive Manufacturing is often a perfect fit for both Defense and Space applications. The ability to produce complex parts in low volumes, without any minimum order quantity (MOQ) and locally, can provide significant supply chain benefits. These benefits often translate to significant cost savings and a considerable reduction to risk, contributing to long term sustainability.

In cases where our customers are dealing with obsolete components for older systems, we can help digitize and redesign them for additive manufacturing.

Our facility can produce a wide range of both end-use components, retrofit kits and maintenance tools, Jigs & Fixtures and electronic casings to the customers’ exact specifications and tolerances.

In the defense aviation sector, reliability, agility, and security are paramount. Paradigm 3D is well-equipped to address these requirements and offers tailored solutions to support defense aviation operations.

Rapid Prototyping & Fielding: Expedite the development and fielding of new defense systems by leveraging our rapid prototyping capabilities. Quickly test and refine designs to meet the ever-evolving needs of defense operations.

Enhanced Parts Availability: Ensure mission readiness by having critical spare parts available on-demand. With our digital spare parts library and on-demand manufacturing capabilities, you can access and produce essential components even in remote locations, keeping defense operations running smoothly.

Supply Chain Resilience: Mitigate the dependency on complex and multi-tiered supply chains by utilizing our digital manufacturing capabilities. With reduced lead times and the ability to produce components on-demand, you can minimize the risk of supply chain disruptions.

The ability to produce in both advanced thermoplastic materials and a range of metal alloys, means that we can usually match the exact properties of the customer. Whether this is large hollow/honeycomb parts for weight reduction or Inconel alloys used in high temperature applications.